Rebuilding the site… Again

Looks like the webhost I was using previously was owned by a drug addict.  He raided the company coffers and shut the site down without warning.  To the three people that have seen the site before that occurred and want some update on what I’ve been working on… Sorry.

Just now starting to rebuild the missing information, mostly stuff about the SmokinPi.

For a few days, I was going to host this site as well as my wife’s on a Raspberry Pi, but decided against it as I didn’t want to risk losing everything due to SD corruption.  I was able to get it set up using Apache, MySQL, and virtual hosting and it was ultimately a great learning experience.  I considered getting a BeagleBone Black as they are a bit faster than the Pi, maybe 30%, but settled on DigitalOcean as a web host.  For the cost of a BBB, I can host with DigitalOcean for almost a year, the servers are significantly faster, and you have root access to your virtual machine.  More importantly, they support virtual web hosting so I didn’t need to pay for a second account in order to have both my site and my wife’s online.

In order to protect myself from losing everything again, I have a cron job running weekly that backs up the wordpress sites to my home PC using lftp to mirror the site.  I don’t currently have anything running to backup the MySQL databases, though that should be relatively simple to do… once I get around to it.

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